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Also impressed they they still weren’t too proud to jam out to this one (can’t lie, i closeted-ly love this song too).  Go Miley.

When one of the guests requested this song I thought, “What a cool kid.”  Turns out the house was packed full of ‘em.  They blew me away with this one. 

I was impressed that these ki-errh, i mean-young adults threw down for 4 HOURS STRAIGHT!

The next few video clips were from Connor’s SuhWeet 16 party, thrown and held by his folks’ at their residence in Virginia Beach, VA, 3.12.11.  He wanted to turn their living area into a club…so that’s exactly what I did.  Aw yeeuh.  lol

From Jessica’s Sweet16, 2.26.11 @ Crowne Plaza Downtown Norfolk.  These guys killed it.  It was like watching Glee; every song I played, they had a routine to.  AWEsome.

Also from William & Jennifer’s reception.  Always love to see our bride jamming out, but check out the big dude on the top left…awesome!

From William & Jennifer’s wedding reception this passed Saturday night, held at The Water Table, Virginia Beach, VA.  

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